Maestro & Co opening Monday night from Nov 5

Manly’s number one restaurant maestro & c0 will open Monday nights for dinner from 5 November.

Yes we’ve given in to popular demand from our many loyal customers and are set to make your Monday summer nights sizzle with some of Maestro’s delicious tapas dishes and a cold beer or wine!

Bookings are open now at or you can call 02 99763065.

Best party venue in Manly

Book your Christmas Party at Maestro & Co

Looking for somewhere relaxed, friendly and with great food and service for your end of year celebration or Christmas party – make Maestro & Co your first port of call.

We know how to host a great party and we will work with you to make it a fun and memorable event. – you can bet your life on that!!

Owner Graeme Moses is renowned for his warm hospitality as is his floor team led by Restaurant Manager and Head Chef Ben Elfahim.

Ben makes sure all the taste sensations coming out of his kitchen week in week out are top notch  and combined with our service and welcoming vibe have Maestro firmly positioned as Manly’s number one restaurant on Trip Advisor for 12 months now.

We have a great wine list, exotic Middle Eastern inspired cocktails and craft and imported beers  –  all the ingredients for a great party. We can  also recommend some great local musicians if you want to really take your party to the next level or you can play your own playlists via our in-house sound system.

Open 7 nights a week for dinner we can also open for lunches any day for 15 or more guests. There are no room hire charges for lunches or for Sunday through to Thursday night but we do require you have one of our set menu options.

We’d love to host your special occasion so call us on (02) 9976 3065 or email us at to make an enquiry.


Here is some of the feedback from our very satisfied customers:


“Greatest venue for a party in Manly. The food and service was outstanding. Can’t wait to come back!!”


“Great place for a party! The food yesterday was spot on. Service was outstanding. Great atmosphere. Coming back very soon.”


“Had my husband’s birthday party at Maestro and Co last weekend. Great food, lovely staff, relaxed atmosphere. Beetroot falafel my favourite!”

Sunday Live Music Sessions at Maestro


Featuring a stable of local talent led by maestro’s resident muso Mitch Hertz our Sunday Live Music Sessions are a great way to finish your weekend accompanied by a few sundowners and some of our mouth-watering Middle Eastern tapas dishes.

Mitch who now resides in the Inner West but grew up on the Northern Beaches appears on the last Sunday of every month. He is joined in our Sunday musical arsenal by Ellis Hall the very talented young singer-songwriter who reached the top 24 on the 2017 series of ‘The Voice’. Ellis has come along way since then though with a recent appearance at the Byron Bay Bluesfest to add to his already impressive CV

They are joined on the maestro roster by local indie artists Zane Thompson and Grace Brown who both perform unique performances of some timeless classics along with their own original compositions.




Kibbe: the maestro’s family recipe


This is an unedited copy of my family’s recipe for kibbe. It was transcribed my great aunt’s handwritten recipe. Kibbe is also spelled and pronounced kibbeh, kibbe, kebbah, kubbeh, kubbah, kubbi depending on region.

Bourgle is also spelt burghul and is also used in tabouli.

In my family we have always baked the kibbe but as you can see from the recipe it can also be grilled or fried. It can also be eaten raw and that version is called kibbe nayeh.

I remember when I was a small child sitting on my grandmother’s kitchen bench watchingas she minced lamb cut up from a leg of mutton and chops with an old style hand mincer.

She would give us try of the raw mixture and tell us it was kibbe nayeh.

I have been eating this version of kibbe all my life and my dad who is now 81 still cooks it for me every time I visit him in our home town of Temora. In fact the photo for this article features my dad’s kibbe.

I hope you enjoy it as much as my family and all our friends do.


the maestro


Koubi, which is a Lebanese and Syrian national dish, is in essentials a mixture of meat, crushed wheat or bourgle (also spelt burghul,), and ‘other Ingredients’:

MEAT: 1 kilogram minced lean lamb or if unavailable premium minced beef, with as little fat as possible.ð If mincing the meat yourself, get lamb by preference and cut off all the fat.

BOURGLE: 1 cup (heaped), fine if possible.ð Soak in two cups of water for a few hours before you start or if you remember overnight.ð (Some Lebanese put more bourgle than this: it varies between families.)

OTHER INGREDIENTS: in this recipe include the following:
3 medium Onions
1/3 Capiscum (optional)
1 red pepper or two ‘bird’s eyes’ chilli’s (some members of the family put in more than this: vary to taste)
A few shallots
Mint, a small handful
‘Markouch’, a Lebanese herb like Marjorem, if available
Some basil if you like
1 teaspoon of mixed spice
1 teaspoon of freshly ground pepper
1 tablespoon of salt or salt to taste.ð (Half and half Lite Salt seems to work out OK also.ð Sea salt is probably best of all.)
Spice, pepper and salt are all to taste, and more may be added later during the mixing stage.ð Just remember: once it’s in you can’t take it out.
Vitemise all these ‘other ingredients’ together in a blender.

Pour vitemised ‘other ingredients’ over the meat.ð Squeeze all the water out of the bourgle a hand at a time and put the squeezed bourgle into the mixture. ðMix together with one or two hands for ten minutes, kneading as if with bread.ð Taste for salt etc. and add if necessary.

Koubi can be baked, grilled or fried.ð It can even be eaten raw like Filet Americain with a little olive oil on it, some bread (lebanese or ordinary) and a salad.ð Provided the mince was fresh, it also freezes well and can be put away uncooked for cooking when needed.ð Once cooked it will keep in the ordinary fridge for about a week.